Fallen Leaves & Poetry

Creative expression and giving a voice to the voiceless are an integral part of the FLTC method. Here are a selection of poems written by the cast and recently selfpublished. Enjoy!

Poetry written by members of FLTC, published in the anthology ‘Certainly Not Common People’, 2008.


Monologue by Lokman Shukor

Dengar. Fikir. Ini bukan pertunjukan.
Ini bukan hiburan.
Tetapi selingkar kisah kehidupan.

Dadah, seks, arak, judi
Adalah perjalanan gelombang hidup
Mestikah aku… kau… kau…
Kita semua melaluinya
Sanggupkah hanya mata memandang
Serta menuding jari

Membiarkan anak bangsa tercinta
Rebah tersungkur
Tanpa bantuan, tanpa sokongan
Tanpa kasih, tanpa sayang
Sanggupkah diri kita dicengkam
Dikuasai perasaan sepi
Dan tak berguna
Dimamah usia tua.

Skeptic by Rufus Sarkunan

Ok, but what & where?
Come on, what do you mean?
This doesn’t make sense.
Beginning to annoy me now.
This is ridiculous.
Just stop it! Stop it!
Enough, enough of this bullshit!
Cut the crap alright!
I don’t believe this!
O, God please help me.

Yes, my child what are you looking for?

The Unwanted Leaves
by Augustine Soosai

Fallen Leaves have no comeliness nor usefulness, cries of linger no more was heard all over.
Suddenly a broom appeared angrily, these untouchables, vilest of vile.
Let me get rid of them, says the broom and the leaves were swept aside.
Out of the sudden, a mighty wind of discrimination from their nostrils blew me away
To my surprise, I was gathered among other leaves, the leaves cushioned me with comfort of hopes when I fell in their midst from the wind of hopelessness.
“Onesimus, you’re Onesimus, that’s your new name given to us by the divine,” say they.
Your sorrow is your tomorrow
They were meant to those who are broken
And bruised in life. You are comforted to be a comforter – said the unwanted leaves.

Below are poems by other authors that we like:


Fallen Leaves

Why should I be the first to fall
Of all the leaves on this old tree?
Though sadly soon I know that all
Will lose their hold and follow me.
While my birth-brothers bravely blow,
Why should I be first to go?

Why should I be the last to cling
Of all the leaves on this bleak bough?
I’ve fluttered since the fire of Spring
And I am worn and withered now.
I would escape the Winter gale
And sleep soft-silvered by a snail.

When swoop the legions of the snow
To pitch their tents in roaring weather
We fallen leaves will lie below
And rot rejoicingly together;
And from our rich and dark decay
Will laugh our brothers of the May.

Robert William Service


fallen leaves

after so much disaster
i can save some fallen leaves

i become greatly devoted
to the grief for you

the stream also complies the night

i go to put on the lamp
with the soil that is brought up
within a unbound fountain

i can see in every dropp of tear
casts anchor the domestic boat

would the pink letters
also fall down
when the cold-wind blows

there has been
so much storm
so much rain

wouldn’t any history of them
be penned down

murari sinha


Fallen Leaves

Some fallen leaves
Yellow and rusted
Made differently
All of them

Creations adventure
No two things are alike
And so are the leaves
Yellow and rusted

They had started as small buds
With hopes to give sustenance
To life
They did
And the great cycle of life
But now fallen

They come together
My body cracking
Under the weight of leaves
So many youths
We have lost

My body covering
Roots follow
Some tendrils
Still green on the trunk
Of the large tree

Green we were
The leaves
And my youth

Fruit and fresh air
Life and beauty
The leaves have done
What they were meant for

They ask me
What have been you doing
In your youth
Except destroying and burning us

If we are nature
You are nature too
We are one color
How many colors are you

Sadiqullah Khan

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