Between March and December 2008 with partnership from MAC, the Fallen Leaves Theatre Company performed, workshopped and dialogued with over 3500 people at more than 30 separate events, ranging from full-scale productions for over 1000 people at the Boy’s Brigade Pesta in Kota Kinabalu (one of the largest single theatre audiences in Malaysia to date), to intimate workshops at our Batu Arang Creative Learning Centre with groups of fifteen people from the UK.

We worked with nursing students, college students, Montford boys, people living with HIV, drug-users in recovery, outreach and support workers, the general public and beyond.

We showcased our unique approach and style to a wide cross-section of Malaysian society, demonstrating an innovative, engaging and interactive approach that served to inspire and activate audiences into an emotional connection with our message of prevention and awareness.
The reality of our dramatised testimonies never failed to touch and inspire our audiences, and the levels of intimacy and interaction reached within our workshops surpassed any lecture or flier. A few of our highlights of 2008:

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital, KK: After an interactive theatre workshop with 50 student nurses revealed a stunning lack of awareness amongst the students as to procedure to treat and handle HIV+ cases sensitively, the doctor in charge (Dr. Rodi) agreed to change the teaching curriculum to provide greater focus and education about HIV/AIDS.
  • Tunas Bakti, Malacca: A performance and question/answer session with 100 young women who were extremely curious and responsive about the presentation and subsequent revelations.
    Universiti Malaysia, Sabah: our largest single performance to 1000 boy’s brigaders, followed by a peer-leader workshop with 50 representatives.
  • ‘Certainly Not Common People’: Photostatting and distributing a collection of poems, monologues and writings highlighting the difficulties of living with HIV and the dangers of high risk behaviour. This has proved an effective way of encouraging reflection and thought on these issues after the performances and workshops have been completed.
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