Jangan Main! School Tour (2008/9)

‘JANGAN MAIN!’ or ‘DON’T START!’ is a programme by Fallen Leaves Theatre Company. This programme uses drama, performances and workshops to challenge the growing concern of high risk behaviours among teenagers to help develop awareness and critical thinking when they are faced with important life decisions.

BOREDOM among teens and young adults is the main concern of educators and parents. Recognising this potential danger and the lack of reliable sources of information on drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and sex, Fallen Leaves Theatre Company (FLTC) has initiated an innovative approach to reach out to youth at risk.

Since 2006, a programme initiated by Cloudbreak Studio has trained FLTC members as performers and facilitators. Using their own life stories and Theatre-In-Education techniques they will explore the attractiveness of smoking, drug and other substance usage, to study the behaviour and potential of addiction, as well as to explore the risks and dangers.


For the past year FLTC has successfully partnered Malaysia AIDS Council on a national awareness raising tour. In 2009 we plan to extend the preventive programme to reach potential high-risk audiences in schools, colleges and universities.  Our two main areas of focus are addiction (the dangers, the reasons & the possible solutions) and HIV/AIDS/STIs (transmission, discrimination, prevention & education)

De Montford students, Sabah

Depending on the needs and audience requirements, we worked in different ways and these four sections can be incorporated into an entire programme or utilised independently of one another:


Dealing with a variety of issues in an engaging and stimulating manner, performances are in English and/or Bahasa Malaysia. The scenes are issue-specific to match the behavioural risks of the target audience. At the end of the performance, the Q & A session may be open to all or facilitated by cast members in break-out groups. (1 ½ hours / group of 50 and above)

Interactive theatre

A performance is staged. Then it is re-enacted during which the audience may change the actions of those on stage, role play alternative approaches and discuss the results of the proposed solutions. Break out groups will evaluate and feedback their learning to all. (2 to 3 hours / group below 50).

    Interactive theatre in action

    Interactive theatre in action

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