FLTC honoured as one of Malaysia’s Voices of the Year, 2008

A friend posted us a link to the Malay Mail, where we have been named as one of the honouree in their Voice of the Year Competetion.

This is what they had to say about us:

Fallen Leaves Theatre Company cast members

• Ex-drug addicts who are using their personal experiences and life stories from their painful journeys to prevent youth from the risks of dadah/HIV/AIDS through performances and interactive workshops.

• The stories which they put forth during the workshops chart the dreams, aspirations, challenges and hopes of people living with HIV/AIDS and recovering from substance misuse.

• Their performances are based on actual experiences of the cast members and aim to generate open discussions on how these issues should be tackled.

• The company goes on road shows to raise awareness and increase advocacy around the country.

You can read the whole article here:

All of us here appreciate the support and recognition! Help us to continue to give a voice to the voiceless.

Batu Arang Festival

Bringing community theatre to our very own local community, FLTC will be performing and workshopping in Batu Arang on February 20th and 21st.

The first day will feature a performance and peer workshop at a local school, focusing on drug use and unprotected sex.

The second day will be a community event, but is open to all. We will be performing for the local police, ministeries and other authorities from the area, and will feature a tour of our facilities.

If you would like to be involved our to join in, hit our contacts link and get in touch. All welcome!

Street Feeding

Today, we took Rufus, Augustine and new Leaf Yeoh down to Petaling Street to revisit their old haunts and drop in at the street feeding behind Jalan Petaling.

“All these streets used to be full of Hardcore addicts, back in those days, you could see people pushing, jabbing, all in thes back alleys here.” informed Rufus. “Now, they’ve all been moved to the outskirts.”

Whilst there, we met up with former resident A., who has unfortunately relapsed since Christmas, and is back living on the streets. He was in high spirits, and excited to see us. We spent some time chatting with him before we had to say farewells.

We hope to see him again, and our love and prayers and with him and all the other people at Jalan Petaling street feeding.

FLTC In Brief


2009 Season

Hello all and happy new year!

Fallen Leaves TC has been on hiatus over the Christmas and CNY period after a hectic six-month tour last year, performing and workshopping for over 4000 people in 36 seperate events. We took in Melaka, Penang, Kota Kinabalu (x2) and Kelantan in our tour, and this year endeavour to go even further in spreading our message of drugs and sexual health awareness.

Rehearsals have begun to devise all new pieces and continue the training of our members.
Watch this space for more news and updates!

Hello, Visit Us Again!

fallenleaveslogoDear visitors,

Selamat datang! Welcome to the Fallen Leaves Theatre Company blog!

FLTC is Malaysia’s only interactive theatre company and is composed entirely of people in recovery from drug addiction. We are actively engaged in a nationwide awareness and education tour about HIV/AIDS and drug use in partnership with Malaysia AIDS Council and the Welcome Home hospice in Batu Arang.

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