Don’t forget the JOKER!

Sunday was the final workshop of the forum series, exploring the role of the Joker within theatre of the oppressed. Our eclectic group explored issues of drug abuse and refugee disempowerment in Malaysia, and we will be presenting our forum pieces at the FORUM at MAP on December 12th.



We also got to explore the concept of ‘What do you want from a community arts space?’ with a group of emerging artists and social outreach workers using the innovative WORLD CAFE technique. The results were enlightening, so watch this space for further updates.


In other news, another phase of Fallen Leaves opens with the near completion of our refurbishment of the Batu Arang Creative Learning Centre. Many thanks to volunteer Phoebe and member Leeboi for all their hard work transforming our creative space. Inner and outer transformations align!


Newspaper Theatre


On Sunday, FL artistic director George Wielgus presented the NEWSPAPER THEATRE workshop at MAP as part of the FORUM festival. This innovative technique is used to breakdown and decode media stories using theatre of the oppressed techniques. We had our biggest turnout yet, with 25 people from all over KL and the world in attendance for a fantastic day out.

From the headline 'Dictators Can Be Good'

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