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Poems For New Beginnings

Fallen Leaves

Some fallen leaves
Yellow and rusted
Made differently
All of them

Creations adventure
No two things are alike
And so are the leaves
Yellow and rusted

They had started as small buds
With hopes to give sustenance
To life
They did
And the great cycle of life
But now fallen

They come together
My body cracking
Under the weight of leaves
So many youths
We have lost

My body covering
Roots follow
Some tendrils
Still green on the trunk
Of the large tree

Green we were
The leaves
And my youth

Fruit and fresh air
Life and beauty
The leaves have done
What they were meant for

They ask me
What have been you doing
In your youth
Except destroying and burning us

If we are nature
You are nature too
We are one color
How many colors are you

Sadiqullah Khan

Poems for a new beginning

Fallen Leaves

Why should I be the first to fall
Of all the leaves on this old tree?
Though sadly soon I know that all
Will lose their hold and follow me.
While my birth-brothers bravely blow,
Why should I be first to go?

Why should I be the last to cling
Of all the leaves on this bleak bough?
I’ve fluttered since the fire of Spring
And I am worn and withered now.
I would escape the Winter gale
And sleep soft-silvered by a snail.

When swoop the legions of the snow
To pitch their tents in roaring weather
We fallen leaves will lie below
And rot rejoicingly together;
And from our rich and dark decay
Will laugh our brothers of the May.

Robert William Service

Don’t forget the JOKER!

Sunday was the final workshop of the forum series, exploring the role of the Joker within theatre of the oppressed. Our eclectic group explored issues of drug abuse and refugee disempowerment in Malaysia, and we will be presenting our forum pieces at the FORUM at MAP on December 12th.



We also got to explore the concept of ‘What do you want from a community arts space?’ with a group of emerging artists and social outreach workers using the innovative WORLD CAFE technique. The results were enlightening, so watch this space for further updates.


In other news, another phase of Fallen Leaves opens with the near completion of our refurbishment of the Batu Arang Creative Learning Centre. Many thanks to volunteer Phoebe and member Leeboi for all their hard work transforming our creative space. Inner and outer transformations align!


Cepat! Cepat! Lagi! Lagi!

Fallen Leaves schedule is jam-packed at the moment, highlighting the urgent need and value of the work we are doing in Malaysia, bridging all divisions of race, religion and economic status with our dedicated team of facilitators … take a look at what we’re up to now!



Tuesday – Batu Arang Community Theatre at a halfway house for recovering drug users, a training workshop for new facilitators, and a night at the refugee hospice at PERCH.

Wednesday – Batu Arang Community Theatre working with severely disabled people in the White House, and a hospice for those with serious illnesses.

Thursday – Harvest Training Centre our UNHCR sponsored vocational English training course using theatre and interactivity to prepare young people from the refugee and urban poor communities for life in the workplace.

Friday – Nursalam Krashpad, Chow Kit working with street kids and urban poor children in downtown Chow Kit.

Saturday – Harvest Training Centre, our UN sponsored teacher-training programme with community teachers from the network of schools all over Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday – MAP Forum Festival our weekly workshops training the general public and NGO members in theatre of the oppressed, building up to our December 12th festival.

Phew! Be sure to check out our photos on facebook.

Quick Visual Update!

Lantern-making Workshop @ Perch (refugee centre) & Ozanam (women's shelter)

Off-day & Elly's last day in Malaysia @ Magick River

Lantern & Performance Workshop @ Kung Min's School for Pudu Arts Festival

Mapping Workshop @ House 15, Batu Arang

Eco-Creative Camp @ Batu Arang

At the Malaysian Yoga Society, Batu Arang

Fire/Earth/Water/Air Workshop @ White House Hospice, Batu Arang

August/September 2010

We’ve completed our last workshop with the volunteers from Central School of Speech & Drama on the 8th July. Facilitated by Bryn Jones & Nurul Mohamad, the team of volunteers will depart London for Malaysia end of July.

They will be in Malaysia for the placement with Fallen Leaves in Batu Arang, Selangor for a month to create & share their work.

Watch this space for August & September!

Nurul, Melinda, Christie, Sean, Elly & Becky (from left)

Update of Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves have been facilitating workshops around Batu Arang collaborating with the other NGOs in that area. Below are the latest images of those workshops courtesy of Beatrice & Gerard, the volunteer nurses from the White House!

Some of those images also included the performance by Fallen Leaves in the MAP Art Festival 2010 held in April.

Artwork by Lee Boy