Batu Arang, MALAYSIA

This century old Batu Arang is home to Fallen Leaves and translated it means ‘coal’ for its history of being the main mining town in Selangor, Malaysia. To get here it will take a 45 minutes car-journey from the centre of Kuala Lumpur or 1 hour by train (plus bus).

Today it remains as Malaysia’s few lucky landscapes that had (fortunately) missed out on reckless developments and it still retained its rustic but peaceful character. However, in the beginning of 2008 the beautiful route towards Batu Arang suffered rapid deforestation and as a result many wild animals (i.e. monkeys, boars and birds) had to surface themselves towards the swerving roads of Rawang-Batu Arang.

It is also interesting to note that this small town was once a hotbed of communism and the authorities had problems eradicating them due to the hilly terrain which gave the communist guerrillas advantage in launching ambushes and hiding away after such attacks. Traces of such history are evident with the existent of the defense and Ammunition manufacturing factory in this small town.

The community of Batu Arang is unique and  it is home to a diverse mix of people (and farm animals). There are also several other social groups in which Fallen Leaves share their history with:

Welcome Community Home
A hospice that is open to men of all races and religions. It has provided shelter and care for people in addiction rehabilitation and living with HIV/AIDS.

Positive Living Community (PLC)
Another hospice facility that provides rehabilitation, care for HIV/AIDS patients and shelter for the homeless. It is in its twelve year of operation.

Rumah Ozanam
A permanent shelter for the abused, neglected, abandoned and homeless children, which also provides temporary care for battered women and unwed mothers since 1987.

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