Founded in 2006 Fallen Leaves is a grassroots community-based collective of a constantly evolving ensemble of performers and collaborators. We work with a variety of different members including those recovering drug users and people living with HIV/AIDS. The theatre initiative began through the collaboration of Bryn Jones & Jade Ong (Cloudbreak Studios) and a drug rehabilitation centre managed by Alex Arokiam to run drama therapy sessions for its residents.

Developing different phases over the years, Fallen Leaves moved from its drama therapy sessions to its first theatrical production and touring the country to schools, social centres, prisons and factories performing and facilitating workshops. The landscape of the work process ranged from drama/art therapy, devised work and Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre.The issues highlighted and discussed in the work have often linked to addiction, HIV/AIDS and social exclusion.

Past productions have also seen collaborations with art organisations and projects such as Lost Generation Art Space, Project Connect, Penang Independent Arts Festival, LEPAQ Arts Cafe and Actors Studio Bangsar.

Fallen Leaves is now moving forward to develop more exchanges both locally and internationally with practitioners and facilitators interested in creating imaginative theatre, arts and therapy/rehabilitation.

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