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How to create spaces of liberty inside the walls of a prison? Prisoners have the freedom to analyse their past for sure; and to invent their distant future, why not? … But … what about the present? Here resides the greatest problem: their present is their confrontation with their powerful enemy, the guards, who also consider themselves to be oppressed.” (p. 5, Games for Actors & Non-Actors, Augusto Boal, 2002)

Monday 7th March saw our team descending upon KLPac (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre) in Sentul to kickstart our Commonwealth Foundation partnered tour.

The scene, titled ‘Balik Penjara’ (Prison Return) details the daily routine of prison life in a Malaysian institution, something all of our cast members have intimate experience of. This largely physical piece was develoed using the tools of the theatre of the oppressed, in particular an exercise called the Hours of the Day. As well as producing a final performance piece, the process generated a significant amount of discussion within the community about prison systems and rehabilitation, in particular the effectiveness of incarceration as punishment.

The tour and development process will continue for the next six months, with more tour partners and dates being lined up. Watch this space for more infomation!

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