Poems For New Beginnings

Fallen Leaves

Some fallen leaves
Yellow and rusted
Made differently
All of them

Creations adventure
No two things are alike
And so are the leaves
Yellow and rusted

They had started as small buds
With hopes to give sustenance
To life
They did
And the great cycle of life
But now fallen

They come together
My body cracking
Under the weight of leaves
So many youths
We have lost

My body covering
Roots follow
Some tendrils
Still green on the trunk
Of the large tree

Green we were
The leaves
And my youth

Fruit and fresh air
Life and beauty
The leaves have done
What they were meant for

They ask me
What have been you doing
In your youth
Except destroying and burning us

If we are nature
You are nature too
We are one color
How many colors are you

Sadiqullah Khan

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