Cepat! Cepat! Lagi! Lagi!

Fallen Leaves schedule is jam-packed at the moment, highlighting the urgent need and value of the work we are doing in Malaysia, bridging all divisions of race, religion and economic status with our dedicated team of facilitators … take a look at what we’re up to now!



Tuesday – Batu Arang Community Theatre at a halfway house for recovering drug users, a training workshop for new facilitators, and a night at the refugee hospice at PERCH.

Wednesday – Batu Arang Community Theatre working with severely disabled people in the White House, and a hospice for those with serious illnesses.

Thursday – Harvest Training Centre our UNHCR sponsored vocational English training course using theatre and interactivity to prepare young people from the refugee and urban poor communities for life in the workplace.

Friday – Nursalam Krashpad, Chow Kit working with street kids and urban poor children in downtown Chow Kit.

Saturday – Harvest Training Centre, our UN sponsored teacher-training programme with community teachers from the network of schools all over Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday – MAP Forum Festival our weekly workshops training the general public and NGO members in theatre of the oppressed, building up to our December 12th festival.

Phew! Be sure to check out our photos on facebook.

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