Feedback From AIS


We had a cracking time at Australian International School on June 18th, combining Fallen Leaves interactive theatre technique with performance poetry and more to discuss and explore issues of drug addiction adn sexual health with over 200 young people. One of the teacher’s kindly sent us some feedback through, which we’ve included below:

“very funny, clever and thought provoking.  One of the things I really liked about it was that at the end, our students – some of whom can be very discriminatory when it comes to lack of privilege – were honoured to spend time with men who were HIV positive and/or with a history of drug abuse.  They truly got an education and I am appreciative of that.”

“I admire what you are doing and I personally really enjoyed the show.  It was hilarious.  I know that our students really enjoyed it.”

Thanks, Ms. O! from all at FLTC.

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