Batu Arang Community Festival (Update)

Batu Arang Community Festival

20th-21st February, 2009-02-10
In partnership with ADK, Religious Ministry, Positive Living Community and the Malaysian AIDS Council, we proudly present the first ever Batu Arang Community Festival.

As well as speeches by distinguished guests, the key piece will be a performance by the Fallen Leaves Theatre Company, who are all local residents of BA. The focus of the day will be local issues: the prevalence of drugs, attitudes towards people living with HIV/AIDS, discrimination, and youth delinquency.
Batu Arang is home to five hospices and children’s homes, so these issues are extremely relevant to local attitudes. The organisations above hope to effect a paradyne shift in opinions, or at least challenge contemporary views and provide a vehicle for forum discussion about these topics.

On 20th February:

Fallen Leaves Theatre Company will be at SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman, performing for 600 school children, followed by a two-hour interactive theatre workshop with 50 peer leaders.

On 21st February:


Opening Ceremony


FLTC performance ‘JANGAN MAIN!’

FLTC will perform for 200 community figures, and then lead to discussion on how these issues relate to Batu Arang and the community at large. The performance is custom-designed to tackle the most relevant issues for our beloved kampong of BA, but will be universally understood.

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